About our Contributors.

Bill Giles:

I have been consulting as a clinical immunobiologist for more than 30 years in private practice, having obtained post graduate degrees in science (biology) from the Australian National University and the University of Queensland. My main focus has been assisting immunocompromised people to regain normal health without depending on drugs and operations from mainstream medicine.

This is achieved by empowering them with tools and techniques of which they have control. The approach requires taking people through lifestyle self-trials specific to their disease, along with teaching them the mental and physical techniques which they could always use to maintain their health, through attending workshops, seminars and classes. In a clinical situation I use electrodermal equipment to test organ-immune-nervous function and prescribe natural medicines.

Rosemarie Pletzer

I have been consulting as a Naturopath for more than 30 years in private practice, having a diploma of Naturopath and a graduate degree in Health Science (comp med), and continuing studies in Nutrition and fitness, biochemistry and microbiology.

More recently my focus and passion has been to facilitate transformation of subconscious patterns and beliefs that are often the driving force behind limiting behaviours and perceptions. I like to meet people where they are in regards to their wellbeing, assisting in as practical, natural, and simple ways as possible to regain optimal wellbeing.

Julia Willoughby